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Philosophy of the Scoring System for Percussion


This system is a means to encourage and reward new standards of creativity, artistry, and excellence in design and performance while providing a vehicle that will educate beginners in such a way that they will grow to understand and evolve to the greatest level of their potential.

It is our intent that this system will encourage and reward innovation, and acknowledge the tasteful and the aesthetic appeal of good design through quality composition. The system acknowledges the joint efforts of designers, instructors, and performers through understanding that excellence and artistry are displayed through the design; and that those same designs
are recognized and credited through the artistry of performance.
This system utilizes a method of subjective evaluation that rewards the achievement of positive qualities and offers continued encouragement to strive for greater achievement. This is a positive system, rewarding successful efforts at every level, and is designed to encourage ensembles to develop, maintain, and project their own styles. We therefore emphasize creativity, originality, taste, and excellence. Growth and innovation are to be rewarded and must be achieved with quality to receive a maximum score.

The numerical score reflects the successful achievement of the current contest. Scoring can fluctuate week-to-week, day-to-day, and judge-to-judge based on performance qualities, depth of composition, and other contest dynamic considerations.