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How to Build your Guard Skills



September 6, 2017

With Auditions right around the corner, now is a great time to refresh and enhance your skills or learn a new skill! Check out all the educational products WGI offers below to start your season on the right foot.


Warm Up
Join Carol Abohatab from the Santa Clara Vanguard as she teaches you everything you need to know about strengthening the core and stretching and lengthening of muscles with dynamic alignment.

Technique Class
Sit in on a standing center class with Carol Abohatab that includes technique for the spine, legs, and feet.

Across the Floor
Join Carol Abohatab, choreographer for the Santa Clara Vanguard World Guard and a modern dance teacher for more than 20 years, as she teaches you everything you need to know about methods of travel, getting in and out of the ground, turns, leaps, and jumps!

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Flag Fundamentals
Have fun with flag fundamentals! Train your students with the most current techniques. Class is about to begin with guest clinician Rosie Miller whose extensive teaching background makes this process your best investment in a bright future for your flag line. Rosie has worked with nationally acclaimed groups for over 20 years including The Pride of Cincinati, The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, and Aimachi from Nagoya, Japan. This 75 minute video is easy to follow, detailed and guaranteed to set you on the road to success.

Rifle Fundamentals
This 75 minute video brings you everything you need to prepare an impressive and capable rifle line. This comprehensive training program takes the students from the most basic moves and positions through the exercises that build champions. Learn to identify problems, make corrections and guide your students to success. Guest clinician Andy Toth has over 15 years of experience including performing in the original cast of “blast!” in London and working with groups such as The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, Miamisburg Winter Guard and Pride of Cincinnati.

Sabre Fundamentals
Have fun while you learning to spin sabre. You will learn the technique to spin and toss, as well as learn exercises designed to increase your wrist flexibility for a greater range of opportunities with this piece of equipment. Ultimately, the notion of adding body to your fundamentals is introduced.

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Join seven of the top equipment designers and technicians as they teach you everything you want to know about tosses! These expers will cover all 3 pieces of equipment from the basics of the beginning toss to more challenging tosses, tosses while moving, tosses layered on body and tosses within longer phrases.

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