The season is upon us. Hopefully your ideas, designs, etc. are taking shape as we move to the first competition of the GCGPC Indoor Season.

Here are a few show day reminders:

  • Check-In at the sound/tabulation table. At your first contest you will receive your staff/director passes. These passes are the only passes you will receive for the season and will not be replaced if lost. each contest host pays to host. If you have more support staff than staff/director passes you must purchase tickets for them. The host covers much of their costs thru these ticket sales.


  • Guards: Remember to turn in your music at the sound table. You will want to have more than one copy of your music whether it is CD, phone, etc.


  • Guards: Remember to sign up for a critique time. Percussion: there is no sign up but you do have critique. Be sure to listen to comments before going to critique. Not doing so is useless to you and the judges!


  • Make sure your Competition Suite account is set-up and ready to go. Have you added any new staff members and/or deleted staff? If you cannot find your group listed in Competition Suite, please contact the Contest Director.


  • If you know of any possible schedule requests please get them to the Contest Director immediately. We publish schedules three weeks prior to a contest. Schedules cannot change repeatedly.


  • Make sure that your props/equipment are padded where they touch the floor. This applies for percussion and guard. Black duct tape is great for props, stands, etc. If your props/equipment damage the floor then your school will be responsible for repairs. Do not rely solely on protective flooring.


  • Be sure to walk the route of travel from the lot, to warm ups, to the performance space, and back to the lot, do NOT depend on signs or volunteers/workers.


  • Remind your parents/students/fans NO flash photography is allowed for the protection of the performers. Also, they DO NOT have permission to video other groups. GCGPC DOES NOT have release forms for any group; therefor, videos should NOT be posted on any social media site. By doing so, it opens themselves, the school and all of us to copyright infringements, which could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. There are people out there who are paid to search social media for these infringements. Be smart and only post on unpublished or private settings. YOU MAY ONLY POST YOUR GROUP IF GIVEN PERMISSION BY YOUR DIRECTOR!


  • Please fill out your spiel sheets on gcgpc.org if you have not already done so.


  • Tell your students, staff and parents to follow GCGPC_PICS on Instagram and also    on twitter at GCGPCTweet and facebook.com/GCGPC !!!!


  • We do not have T & P penalties for the first show; however, that does NOT mean you can take all the time you want. Please stay within your class time limits. Happy drumming and spinning!  This is going to be a great year for GCGPC


  • Copyright information must be turned in before you can compete at any GCGPC Contest. Copyright forms are located online at gcgpc.org website – Sign them and email them to bod@gcgpc.org